We still have a few Daltonopoly games left!

January 19, 2011

Everyone in town wants to own “your business” and be a part of the exciting First Edition game “Daltonopoly”. This clever adaptation of the “classic” board game allows you to put your business in the action where everyone can see it. All the properties have been filled by our local businesses and organizations. LP Adams has a railroad spot, Wahconah Country Club, Crane and Co and The American Legion are in. The Union Block has full representation as does Depot Street. Bay State Elevator, Berkshire Therapy Group, Hill Engineering and the Community House/DYC own the corners. Realty Street, Variety Trucking, Pittsfield Coop Bank and our churches are included.  The board also has 85 patrons listed.  Mary’s Pizza, WRHS Booster Clubs, Gib Kittredge Scholarship Fund and Dalton Fire Department are part of the board just to mention a few. Beautiful color photos of the Town Hall, Crane and Co., Sugar Hill, Holiday Farm, the Memorial Fountain and Kelly’s Package Store are part of the game board and cover.
If you are interested, please stop by the CRA to purchase your own copy.  Only $20.00!
Contact Alison Peters at the Community House 684-0260 with any questions.

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